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 Comments and a review from GD Toronto

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PostSubject: Comments and a review from GD Toronto   Mon Jun 23, 2008 12:25 am

Shadow Warrior: If I were to define the SW in one word, I'd say this: Legolaz. The most number and most effective abilities by far were the ones under the Scout stance, and they worked well! I tried the other stances, but whether it was the way they built the character, or which abilities they decided to hotbar, it was basically pointless. The Shadow Warrior is a core ranged character, through and through. With the Scout stance, I had an arrow that caused knockback, a medium damage hit w/DoT, and a medium damage hit w/4sec Silence. This accented the other core abilities well, namely a 3sec high dmg, a couple low dmg shots with status affects that were designed to be fired in sequence, and a basic DoT. I also had one melee ability, which I basically spammed when enemies came into melee every so often. I tried to get in the mix, but died quickly, so the latter half I sat back and lobbed the shanks. It was at that point that I started really getting used to it, and started using the morale abilities I had ignored up until then. The two I had were a 100% inc to dmg for 7sec, and a medium dmg shot that also threw back the target very far. I used the latter a lot, and the map was the capture and hold type, and it was too damn funny to see Zealots fly off the platform! Unfortunately, morale abilities are on a 1min cool down, so I only got to set flight to a few players .

Before I go on, I must say that Order basically rolled Destruction every.single.time. The most important reason was GROUPING! I have no idea why Destruction players were so adverse to joining a group, as every class had great abilities that helped everyone in the group besides yourself. The SW had a group buff that increased AP regeneration by 20%! That was invaluable, and I used it every chance I could, and I know it gave my group a big edge, given that the matches were 7v7 and my group was full. I got other buffs I couldn't keep track of, but for those reasons Order had the upper hand every time.

Warrior Priest: He's really, really, really good. I'm doubting whether I'll keep my Witch Hunter preference after getting a chance to play the WP. His group buff was a mass increase to armor, he had three heals and four melee abilities. The three heals were a long cast medium heal, HoT, and long cast big heal that would add 2sec to its casting time for each hit you took while casting. The morale abilities I had were pretty suck, basically passives, and when I tried finding better ones... there wasn't anything better. However, the WP didn't need them, he was a one-man wrecking ball. Next to a tank, he's got the highest armor. I'd say it's almost on par with the Swordmaster. Also, being on Order again, I was in a full group and died once only when everyone else had died around me. I could go toe-to-toe with anything, especially Chosen. The best tactic was to simply drop a HoT on myself and start wailing away with my hammer. Of the melee abilities, one was a high dmg long cast, one was medium with a DoT, one was low with some status effect, and the other.. another status effect hit, it was part of a sequence similar to the SW's abilities. But damn, I had a blast with the WP, and is really symbolic of what I wanted out of the paladin class in WoW. Chances are really high it becomes my main. I will say this though: All the WP heals are single-target based. Handy to keep yourself alive, but frustrating to keep track of your allies in order to acquire them as targets. DoK's, while squishier, could distribute heals much better to the group and players around it, which makes its viability very handy in hectic RvR fights.






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Comments and a review from GD Toronto
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